1st NFT “3minuets”

2022年12月末に限定180個のNFT “3minuets”をEthereum Main net(L1)に作りました。

過去の楽曲 “Pulse”をよりインタラクティブに表現したいと思いました。



1st NFT “3minuets”

“I created the song “Pulse” in 15 years ago. My aim was to use various noises to color the space. I feel like it was a sensitive time when I just loved music and absorbed everything. After 15 years, I am happy to be able to present it as an NFT in a new expression. “Pulse” is a music piece of about 180 seconds and will be limited to 180 copies.”

Purchase period: From Dec. 22, 2022
Price:0.01 ETH
Payment method: ETH only
Delivery method: Mint on website
Mint: Only 1 NFT per wallet.
Quantity: 180
Return policy: Cannot be returned for any reason