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Akiyuki Kubota

Music Composer

I'm music composer as work with 10 years of professional experience. I'm interested in all kinds of sound design, but my major focus is on music compose, Game & TV and Film of back ground music.

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I also have skills to play guitar and piano. If you interest about my sounds, I'm available for freelance jobs. Contact me now.


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I started to learn playing guitar and was influenced by my brother when I was a Junior High School student. I learned the joy of producing and creating music sounds, so I also started to play piano when I was graduating from High School.


Work Awords

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eco japan cup 2013 on Music

Boku ha tomato

Sound Creator contest 2014 Finalist

Gokoku hojo

Sound Creator contest 2015 Finalist

Rose of the name


Matthew McPherson
I just wanted to say- you are incredible. Wow, I have been listening to you all morning. I wanted to pay my respect, you are next level in all ways. Your piano skills are magnificent. It is nice to meet you. I am speechless at your talent.
Robin Chase
This was a very enjoyable introduction to your music.I listened to all tracks on your Soundcloud and it was an interesting study.I was intrigued by the inventiveness of your compositions and by your many contrasting styles.I was also impressed by the sense of “playfulness” in your music.And your keyboard skills are delightful!I like music that is not only entertaining, but that makes me think about it, and your music certainly does that.This was a pleasure to meet you on Soundcloud.


What I have done in my professional several career

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